Director of Customer Engagement

La Conner, WA 98257

Job Number: 225

Extremely cool startup seeks customer-engagement visionary.

I’ ve already shared with you a couple of job announcements from GLDN (pronounced “ golden”), a startup jewelry maker based in La Conner. If you’ ve seen those postings, you know that one of the distinctive qualities of this company – along with its beautiful, highly customized products – is its approach to the customer.

GLDN sees the customer as a co-creator, and the company is uniquely determined to integrate him or her into the entire marketing enterprise. By combining old-school artisanal values and cutting-edge production technologies, GLDN is able to tailor its jewelry to the individual style of the customer. This creates an opportunity to transform customer engagement into a central element of product development and business strategy.

The company is looking for a Director of Customer Engagement who can drive this transformation with creativity, business savvy, and tech smarts. It wants someone who can spot each potential touch point with the consumer, and maximize its meaning and value.

The bottom line, for GLDN, is to establish what it calls an “ outside-in” customer-engagement model, in which the company deeply understands what the customer wants, and develops its products accordingly – not an “ inside-out” model in which the company tries to tell the customer what he or she should want.

If this approach makes intuitive sense to you, and if you have the tools to develop that customer understanding through tech, market research, and good old-fashioned human interaction, then you may want to give this role a serious look.

This position, which reports to the Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for shaping GLDN’ s public profile through blogs and other media; for telling the company’ s story across multiple channels; for garnering customer feedback and harnessing the data; and for generating and implementing fresh ideas for customer engagement.

It’ s a highly creative job with a very collegial company that’ s going places. Intrigued? I don’ t blame you – drop me a line.

PS From PSP: As you’ ve probably noticed, we’ ve entered the dark-and-rainy portion of the Pacific Northwest calendar. As someone who’ s always interested in how people relate to their work and their workplaces, I’ d be curious to know how (and if) these wet northern-latitude winters affect you, your colleagues, and your productivity.

For example, do you notice seasonal dips in mood, energy, or performance? Does your office change its lighting to compensate? Do new arrivals to the region have a hard time adjusting? Do out-of-town job candidates express concern about it? Do you just hightail it to Hawaii or Arizona or Mexico to get away from it? Let me know how you and your organization deal with one of the defining features of PNW life, in all its gray glory. ###

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