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Confidential Search: Area nonprofit seeks Senior Director to be part of the Executive team

I know, I know … a “ confidential search” for “ strategic services” sounds a little cloak-and-dagger, like I’ m recruiting for the CIA or MI5 or something. I feel like I should add some spy-novel twist, like asking any interested applicants to show up at the Grand Hyatt carrying a red umbrella.

But no, this is a lot less exotic than that … and potentially even more interesting.

A Seattle nonprofit – which seeks for the moment to remain unidentified, hence the “ confidential” part of all of this – is looking for a senior member of the executive team, someone who can work both externally and internally to build a team, foster a culture of excellence, and help the organization carry out its objectives at new levels of effectiveness.

Here’ s what I CAN say about this employer: It’ s an organization that is genuinely committed to helping people in need, and takes a very pragmatic, effective approach to achieving that. This organization is growing and has strong resources in place to support its mission.

This is a senior-management role, and will call for someone who can act as a strategic leader across an entire enterprise, including such areas as project management; finance; technology services, consumer relations; and internal and external communications.

In particular, this individual will need to be able to act as a strong adviser to the Executive Director on issues related to personnel development; talent attraction and retention; and organizational culture.

The employer is looking for candidates with at least 15 years of relevant experience and a master’ s degree in business, psychology, or a related field. In addition, the organization would like to see a track record of partnering with senior executives on strategic initiatives, and of leading high-performance teams.

If this sounds interesting to you, and if you’ re willing to put up with a little mystery at the outset, meet me at the Hyatt … the code phrase is “ midnight streetcar.” And don’ t forget the umbrella.

Come to think of it, just call or email me!

PS From PSP: As a recruiter, my focus is naturally on finding jobs for people. So I try to stay up on broader developments that influence the supply of jobs – both here in Seattle and nationwide, and both now and in the future. And I gotta say, articles like this and reports like this definitely concern me.

If clickin’ links isn’ t your style, I’ ll summarize: Responsible reports from responsible sources (like McKinsey and the Bank of England) are estimating that around 45 percent of all jobs in this country (or all “ activities individuals are paid to perform,” as McKinsey puts it) are vulnerable to being replaced by automation in the not-at-all-distant future.

These reports make plain that we’ re not talking only about work at certain levels of income or education, but about a wide swath of the job market – white-collar professionals as well as truck drivers.

This is a huge issue, with ramifications not only for the HR/personnel sector but for the country as a whole. We’ re going to need to come together in a spirit of honesty, imagination, and compassion to determine just what it all means for our public policy, our economy, and our social fabric.

It’ s not too early for us to begin the discussion, and I get the feeling that the Seattle area – with its extraordinary depth of technological expertise and its long tradition of concern for economic fairness – will be at the center of it. More to come, I’ m sure. ###





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