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Wanted: An experienced executioner with technical depth.As you well know, Changepoint is one of my favorite companies in the world. We’ ve had the privilege of working with this downtown Seattle software-applications company on a lot of terrific openings. It’ s a very successful company with awesome management, and I feel good sending candidates their way, because it’ s super-cool place to work.

They recently sent over this notice for a new position: “ Changepoint is looking for an experienced Product Marketing Manager to drive product strategy and execution for Changepoint’ s solutions to the global markets we serve. This person will be responsible for working cross-functionally to deliver effective messaging and positioning, content, build product demos, product utilization analysis, segment analysis and product marketing plans to drive product and sales success. …”

Whoa! Stop right there! We’ ll get to all that messaging-and-positioning stuff in a second, but go back to that first sentence! They’ re looking for an “ experienced Product Marketing Manager to drive product strategy, analysis, demo builds and execution.” In short, what we’ re looking for is … an experienced executioner with technical depth!

Now, I’ ve been in the personnel business for … well, let’ s just say the footage from the first of my annual 39th birthday celebrations is on Betamax. Anyway, I’ ve been doing this for a while, but I’ ve never put out feelers for an executioner, let alone an “ experienced” one.

I mean, where do you start? Who do you talk to? Are there trade groups? Do they wear that funky black mask at the interview? What do you do when you inquire about their managerial experience and they respond with something like, “ Well, our team clearly had to go in a new direction, so I removed the heads of our accounting and IT departments” – I mean, where do you even take that conversation? This is genuinely new professional territory for me!

Fortunately, the good folks at Changepoint have set me straight, and it turns out I was being a bit too literal-minded about that execution bit. Which is a relief, because now the potential-candidate pool broadens considerably!

What the company is really looking for is a tech-savvy marketer who really knows software and can effectively translate products and solutions in a way that buyers will appreciate and understand based on business value. The person in this role will become a true expert in Changepoint’ s offerings, and will be called upon to help the company continue to thrive in an incredibly dynamic and competitive marketplace.

In the course of this work, he or she will plan and manage the launch of new features, products, services, and releases. An ability to work effectively in teams is must – this position entails a lot of collaboration with Changepoint leadership and with departments across the board in support of the company’ s varied marketing needs, including product positioning, events, and messaging.

As to experience, the company is looking for a seasoned product marketer, someone with a track record of selling enterprise solutions in a SaaS or other high-tech company. A background in on-premises service – and in helping organizations with software-platform transitions – would be highly desirable as well.

This is a great job for a data-minded, technically astute marketer with strong writing, presentation, and customer-relations skills that wants to build and make impact. If you know someone like that, don’ t wait – go ahead and execute! Call me today!

PS From PSP: I’ ve been out of town a fair amount lately, including on trips to visit family out on the Other Coast. On such voyages it’ s always interesting to have people ask where you’ re from, and then seeing what reaction they have (if any).

“ Seattle” is definitely a response that generates responses of its own. People always have a take on our unique corner of the country – generally a very favorable one.

Which got me to thinking a bit: If you’ re based here in the greater Seattle area, how does the area’ s “ brand” manifest itself in your efforts to find talent, especially in nationwide or international searches?

Do you sense that candidates are intrigued by the idea of moving to this green wonderland where everyone listens to grunge while living in houseboats on lakes filled with artisanal coffee? Or are they put off by the prospect of “ constant” rain, or by the growing number of stories about our homelessness crisis and high cost of living?

I’ d be intrigued to know your thoughts on this. In the meantime, it’ s great to be back home, in a region I always love returning to. ###






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