Program Manager, Endowment and Planned Giving

Seattle, WA

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Jewish Federation Seeks Program Manager for Endowment and Planned Giving

Hey, everybody – I have an amazing new opening for someone who has real initiative, deep interest in values-driven work, terrific networking skills, and the ability to serve as a public representative for one of the most important social-service organizations in our region.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle is looking for a Program Manager for Endowment and Planned Giving. While it’ s a position that reports to the Director of Finance, it entails a fair amount of managerial responsibility.

The occupant of this role will (as the job title suggests) be responsible for the operations of the Endowment Department. He or she will also manage several of the federation’ s most important committees – Planned Giving, Investment, Real Estate, Gift Acceptance, and the Special Initiatives Fund.

That’ s a lot, and it wouldn’ t be an exaggeration to say that whoever holds this position will definitely be a “ face” for the Federation in its many public activities and interactions. As such, it’ s a job that requires poise, intelligence, tact, discretion, and good judgment.

It also calls for a keen attention to a range of legal, accounting, tax, and insurance details – everything from the preparation of key IRS forms to the execution of contracts. Therefore, the organization will be especially interested in applicants from these and related fields. A law degree is not mandatory, but would be a nice plus.

The Federation is also looking for supervisory experience, and some background in the nonprofit sector – especially anything involving endowments, custodial funds, or supporting foundations. A deep familiarity with the Seattle metro area’ s Jewish community would obviously be an asset.

Whoever rises into this position is going to have a lot to do from Day One – but would also enjoy a high degree of agency in defining the role, both in the near term and in years to come.

And make no mistake – the Federation is definitely interested in someone who intends to stay for quite a while, and to help the organization continue to make a sizable impact on the life of our region.

If you – or someone you know – might be a good fit for this position, just let me know!

PS From PSP: Really interesting piece in the Seattle Times on how our city’ s rapidly increasing density and congestion will compel us to shift our expectations – and treat one another with a bit more patience.

That’ s one of the interesting paradoxes of really big cities; you sometimes hear stereotypical jibes about “ rude” New Yorkers, but lots of people who spend serious time there come away with a sense that Gotham can be one of the nicest, most civil places on Earth. All those millions of people, coexisting in close quarters – and doing so with relatively few problems. As the Seattle Times pieces out, we' re not a New York level of density, not by a long shot. But we are increasingly having to learn the brisk, efficient  mutual  acceptance  that makes true top-tier cities hum. Because that, my friend, is what we are very rapidly becoming. 


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