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Because sometimes you just want a job you can explain in five words or less.

We here at Peckman Search Partners have an undying love for our many wonderful high-tech clients. They are brilliant and creative. They are defining our region and remaking our world in all kinds of complex and extraordinary ways. About them, I cannot say enough good things.

But sometimes, I must admit, I find myself beguiled by the prospect of recruiting for a position that is – how to put this – capable of being described to an intelligent 14-year-old. A position whose essence may be readily discerned in fewer than 20 words, or perhaps even five. A job that does not include the words “ solution,” “ platform,” “ as a service,” or any abbreviations.

Please don’ t get me wrong here – I adore placing solutions providers on all kinds of platforms, and I do it as a service. And FYI, I’ ll gladly do it for you ASAP.

Yet I’ d be lying, dear reader, if I said I wasn’ t smiling inside when this one crossed my transom: Fast Water Heater Company is looking for someone who can sell water heaters.

Bam. Full stop. You could sidle up to anybody over the age of four and put that one across with total, unambiguous clarity. I mean, what more do you need to know?

Ah, but there is more – so much more – to know about this position. Fast Water Heater is a fast-growing company (tripling in size over the last 12 years) that has the backing of Montlake Capital, a top Seattle growth-equity firm.

One of the things I like about Fast Water Heater is the fact that it’ s quite committed to maintaining a good organizational culture as it continues to grow. It’ s also very proud – and deservedly so – of its benefits plan and the work-life balance it offers its employees.

As to the job itself, it will be either a Director or VP of Sales role, depending on level of experience. It reports directly to the CEO, and is responsible for managing a 25-seat call center that includes inbound sales; service and dispatch personnel; and an outbound business-to-business team. In addition, this individual will mentor both internal and outside sales reps.

The ideal candidate is someone who is comfortable in a stable, highly professional business environment, but who can also thrive in an entrepreneurial, high-growth setting. It’ s a job that carries a lot of responsibility, while also offering plenty of scope for creativity. This position collaborates with the executive leadership team, and is in charge of continually honing sales strategies while reliably hitting revenue and margin targets.

For this important management role, Fast Water Heater is looking for someone with a bachelor’ s degree in business, sales/marketing, or a related field, as well as at least ten years of sales experience – ideally including the management of inside and outside sales teams, plus a proven track record of generating profits with strategic accounts.

To put it simply, this is a very solid managerial position with a very solid company. That combination is going to be intriguing to a lot of people. If you’ re one of them, just let me know.

PS From PSP: So, so much to unpack in this much-discussed recent Seattle Times piece about the downturn in area home prices. The fact that this drop occurred during what’ s normally the hottest home-sales season of the year is interesting – as is the fact that the drop was especially sharp in the city of Seattle itself, which has long served as the robust heart of the metro housing market.

Obviously, home prices here remain high compared to the rest of the country, and the cooling appears to reflect broader national trends. But, as the article mentions, there does seem to be a recent slowing in both population growth and job growth in our area. In all, it will be intriguing to see if prices here continue to lag past years – and what that mean for current and prospective employees who need or want to live near jobs in the urban core. ###

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